Friday, 9 February 2018

AoS28 - Developing a Nurgle horror show!

A couple of days ago I came across this seemingly innocent Tweet, reTweeted somewhere in my feed:

"I'll take a look," thinks I. "Whooops! These are awesome!" exclaims I!

Fast-forward two days - I've chopped various spare bits (and some not so spare bits) from the armies I've been constructing over the last month, I've added some serious weirdness, I've got superglue all over my fingers and I'm on my way to bringing out the Blanchitsu* in some of my Age of Sigmar models.

Nothing's finished just yet. There's quite a bit of green stuffing required to fill gaps, cover joins and add detail. I'm really pleased with how things are looking though. Making these conversions was the first time, in a good many years, that I truly lost myself to the hobby again. Hours vanished as I tacked together dry runs of various ideas before committing to final builds. Questions bounced around in my head, forming into stories - where do these grotesque creations reside? what are their twisted motivations? just how many more conversions like this can I make before my AoS army is fully decimated?

I've loved making bases again too, using cork sheets, ice lolly sticks, plastic lengths of tubing, a few spare Sylvaneth branch parts and various Nurgle spares to add character to the environment.

I'll post a full update on the individual models here as I finish their builds and get them ready for painting.

But what actually is AoS28?

I'm new to the concept, but it appears to be a movement that focuses on the darker, less cataclysmic events that happen in the Nine Realms of the Warhammer world. Rather than looking at heroic leaders and their grand armies, it's about bizarre, ramshackle warbands and characters. Where AoS is about Celestant Prime, AoS28 is about a lowly grunts eeking out an existence as best as they can. Where AoS is about a veritable swarm of mighty Maw-krushas on the charge, AoS28 is about the isolated beasts that fuel folklore, the things that lurk in the shadows and make villagers fear the dark night...

In short, it's all kinds of grimdark fun!

I'm really digging playing around in this realm of gritty GW goodness right now. I should finish up these (and some more) models soon. Until then, the Ex Profundis website has loads more cool stuff about AoS28, should you be interested in getting your info straight from the source. There's also a Facebook group I've been posting to as well.

So, more about my adventures will appear here soon. I may even try and come up with proper background stories for my weird group of foul, Nurgle worshipping freaks!

* a gritty style of converting and painting that was popularised by Games Workshop legend John Blanche


  1. Great conversions, man. Wonderfully weird. I'm also new to the FB group and still discovering its fantastic content. Looking forward to seeing how your war band develops!

    1. Thanks Ross. Yeah, I'm just having fun with it at the moment. Hopefully I'll see some stuff from you on the Facebook page. :)

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