Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentine's Day - Making a flat figure

It's that special day of Valentine's - a chance for folks to make their romance stance known!

I know some people aren't especially keen on Valentine's Day. Well, tough, because I am! I love the emotional stuff. Where there's yin there's yang, where there's chaos there's order, where there's Chaos there's Sigmar, and where there's a grim dark of ONLY WAR there's also gotta be some space for love in your life too!

I've ended up with a wonderful and understanding girlfriend who makes me want to better myself every day and encourages me in my hobby pursuits without any hesitation. So, I'm happy to take any and every opportunity there is to show her I love her. As I'm getting back into mini painting again, I decided to make this year's Valentine's gift using some of those hobby skills.

I've sculpted a fairly simple flat figure (with small changes in height across the plane of the model) and made a box diorama from it. The frame is from Ikea, but it's actually part of a bathroom set! If you want to try something similar it's the Dragan bathroom set of two lidded bamboo boxes that you're after. The bases will make two deep diorama frames and the lids are perfect for two shallow box dioramas (this one is made in the lid of the larger box). Best of all, it's just £9 for the set and they look really snazzy with the bamboo finish!

If you're curious about the scene I've made, it's me, but styled on the Big Butt Skinner balloon that Bart unleashes in an episode of The Simpsons (a show Jemma's a huge fan of).

It's pretty random and unusual, maybe not the standard sort of Valentine's... But, hey, I'm not exactly the standard sort of boyfriend, she's not the standard sort of girlfriend (she made me a mixtape y'all! 2018 and I got a mixtape, how good is that? :D), and we're happy with the situation being exactly as random to others as it is utterly clear to us.

Alright, I'll be back to the grimdark next time. Until then, much love, Happy Valentine's Day everyone. <3

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