Friday, 9 March 2018

AoS 28 - Nurgle Lord build is almost done

Hey y'all. I've managed to seriously impede my hobby times. Seems I've pulled some muscles down my right side, possibly through cycling (the lesson to learn here is clearly to avoid exercise). It's generally uncomfortable all the time but especially when sitting and even more so when sitting and leaning forward a bit. That's basically my standard body position when painting. So that royally sucks!

I have managed to do some further conversion work on my increasingly odd Nurgle dude on a warped giant fly. I still need to think of a name for him. The build's all done but he needs a few more passes of sculpted detail.

I need to finish the tentacle arm, add some chainmail around the upper arms, cover the shoulder pads (there's still Stormcast stuff visible right now), add extra fur at the top of the cloak, and sort out the stirrups.

I think I'll add a padded or furred detail to the seat of his throne too, it looks very plain at the moment and because I've given him such a raised, more dynamic position, a lot of it is visible.

Writing that list has made me realise there's still quite a bit to do!

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