What services do I offer? 

My productivity is driven by the amount of creativity I’m putting into the projects on my painting desk. The commission projects I undertake always need to scratch that creative itch!

I only take on a small number of commission projects each month, the ones that most inspire me, allowing me to work on models, conversions, gangs, perhaps even armies, that I might not otherwise have the time or funds to undertake.

I’m not keen of applying a basic classification to my ‘painting level’ but I think most folks would say it is in the high-tabletop zone. The many photos of my work, here or on my Instagram, are going to help you to decide if you’d like some of my work in your collection more than anything I could write!

I take pride in producing great looking work, painted with technical proficiency, that conveys a strong sense of mood, story and atmosphere. I always relish the opportunity to make conversions and build dioramas.


Pricing is determined on a per-job basis and by the required parts, materials, time, standard and complexity.

If you have a project in mind, let me know and I’ll get back to you. If our ideas match up we can get into further discussion of details, lock in a final price and project outline, then get things scheduled.


The payment process is simple and designed to ensure minimal risk for myself and the client. The complexity of the project will determine the payment process undertaken.

Jobs taking less than two months 

This is the standard for most projects unless I will be working on an army or complex diorama.
  • Deposit – Client pays for materials and models before work begins
  • Closing payment – Client pays the agreed commission fee along with postage and packaging charges after the work is finished. 

Jobs taking more than two months 

With projects this large it is important for me to ensure the client’s continued satisfaction and interest in the work being undertaken.

  • Deposit – Client pays for materials and models before work begins
  • Half-way payment – Once the project is reaching its mid-point I will provide photographs and after the client pays 50% of the agreed commission fee, will continue with the work
  • Closing payment – Client pays the other 50% of the agreed commission fee along with postage and packaging charges after the work is finished.

Payment methods

Payment can be made via PayPal or direct bank transfer. Any PayPal fees must be covered by the client.


I will never work on more than three commission projects at any one time and I set defined timescales for these projects. This ensures each commission gets my proper attention and is not left languishing on my painting desk.

I endeavor to work on a first-in, first-out basis, with booked jobs being completed in the order that they are started. Before jobs are started I will provide a turnaround estimate (in our initial agreement) and most of the time this will be less than two months.

Should the turnaround estimate be missed on a job for any reason I will:
  1. Initiate contact with the client (if I have not already done so)
  2. Explain the situation and possible next options
  3. Give the client the option to either:
    1. Proceed with the new agreement for the commission
    2. Cancel the commission and get their deposit payment (and half-way payment if relevant) returned within 5 working days.

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